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Puppies Available!!


There are currently 6 beautiful white boys available at the end of Feb.

Book a puppy now!




See pictures on our facebook page. Click here.


standard poodle puppies


Show Dogs

Sting is showcased on Showdogs.Click here to view the add.


J'adore is showcased on Showdogs. Click here to view the add.




Animal Talk

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Breed Standard

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Grooming Products

Toff - Standard Poodle

Mr Toff

Lauvander BellsAringin at Africaniche - "Mr Toff" is my first pedigreed and registered Standard Poodle.
Born on the 6th January 1997, he entered my life
and heart at five years old and will never leave it.

Paris - Standard Poodle

Madame Paris

Dotcom DayzOfOurLives at Africaniche - "Madame Paris" was born on the 2 September 2005 and is my first show poodle. She has an incredible "pawsonality" as you will see from the many fun pics, most of which were taken totally unposed!

Click here to read more about Paris.


Sting - Standard Poodle

Sir Sting

Evry Breath You Take at Africaniche  - "Sting" was born on the 2nd December 2006. Is my second show dog and is blue in color.

Click here to read more about Sting.


Grace - Standard Poodle

Miss Grace

Lauvander Silver Legacy at Africaniche - "Miss Grace" was born on the 23rd January 2007. She is a lovely silver bitch about to make her debut into the ring this October.

Click here to read more about Grace.


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